An impressive roster of member organizations is committed to excellence in planning and development, and to creating a contemporary vision which will unlock the huge potential of this area. Of parallel importance is the advancement of the Arts – both visual and performing – within our region. Effective advocacy and implementation are the keys to a successful vision, and the Alliance boasts a strong track record of accomplishments. Speaking with one voice, the Alliance works closely with area business leaders, government officials and community groups to further its initiatives and fulfill its mission.

And what a mission it is! The establishment and promotion of The Fenway Cultural District is a cornerstone goal of the Alliance membership. Furthering the Arts through various medium, education and programmatic opportunities is central to the Alliance mission. This began in earnest on January 4, 1998 when Boston’s Mayor Thomas Menino named Huntington Avenue the “Avenue of the Arts.” This new moniker and its dedication ceremony were co-sponsored by the Fenway Alliance and Boston’s Cultural Affairs Office. The Alliance is the City’s designated organization to develop the Avenue, unearth the rich cultural and artistic resources contained therein and promote the Arts in cooperation with other City and regional groups.

To understand the importance of the Fenway Alliance is to understand the profiles of its member institutions and investment partners as found within the pages of this web site. The Fenway Cultural District is home to several world-renowned academic, cultural and religious institutions, which play a crucial role in the vitality and civic life in Boston. Independently, each of the member institutions faces pressing operational, financial and programmatic challenges. Rising to this challenge, the Alliance seeks to identify areas of common interest and target those programs or issues whereby shared effort will benefit the greater good.