Boston Pops roll out the red carpet for families

Posted on June 09, 2012

Hayley Kaufman

Who: Features editor Hayley Kaufman, husband Chris McNulty, and kids Nate, 8, and Rachel, 5


What: Dressing up like grown-ups to see the Boston Pops


Where: Symphony Hall


When I was a child, my parents took us on grown-up outings: the symphony, ballet, theater, the usual. It was the 1970s, and there weren’t that many kid-friendly options in our town. If parents wanted their children to learn about the arts, they dragged them along.


We were expected to be on our best behavior at all times, even when we could barely sit still a minute longer, or didn’t understand what a play was about, or were frankly bewildered by the films we saw. (Altman? Really, Dad?)