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    An impressive roster of member organizations is committed to excellence in planning and development, and to creating a contemporary vision which will unlock the huge potential of this area. Of parallel importance is the advancement of the Arts – both visual and performing – within our region. Effective advocacy and implementation are the keys to a successful vision, and the Alliance boasts a strong track record of accomplishments. Speaking with one voice, the Alliance works closely with area business leaders, […]

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  • Keith Lockhart

    Keith Lockhart

    There is an old Chinese proverb, “An army of a thousand is easy to find, but ah, how difficult to find a general.” Keith Lockhart has proven himself an influential leader in his 16 years as conductor of the Boston Pops, one of America’s most treasured musical institutions. In a city rooted deeply in history, Lockhart has led effectively by not only cultivating tradition, but also encouraging continued creativity to expand the Pops genre into the 21st century.  

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  • Lockhart and the Boston Pops

    Lockhart and the Boston Pops

    Having celebrated his twentieth anniversary as Boston Pops Conductor in 2015, Keith Lockhart is the second longest-tenured conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra since its founding in 1885. He took over as conductor in 1995, following John Williams’s thirteen-year tenure from 1980 to 1993; Mr. Williams succeeded the legendary Arthur Fiedler, who as at the helm of the orchestra for nearly fifty years. During his tenure, Keith Lockhart has significantly expanded Pops programming, focused on national annual touring, and participated […]

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  • Lockhart and the Brevard Music Center

    Lockhart and the Brevard Music Center

    In October 2007, Lockhart succeeded David Effron as Artistic Advisor and Principal Conductor of the Brevard Music Center summer institute and festival. The Brevard Music Center (BMC) has established itself as one of this nation’s leading summer institutes for gifted young musicians, preparing them to perform great musical works at a high artistic level, Lockhart’s appointment solidifies an already special relationship with BMC; Having attended as a teenager for two summers (1974, 1975), Lockhart was first featured as a guest […]

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  • Lockhart and the BBC Concert Orchestra

    Lockhart and the BBC Concert Orchestra

    In August 2010, Keith Lockhart was appointed seventh Principal Conductor of the BBC Concert Orchestra and will lead the BBC CO through to its 60th year in 2012 and beyond. The BBC Concert Orchestra plays a diverse mix of music from classical to rock and roll, and is heard regularly on BBC television shows, film, radio (including BBC2’s Friday Night is Music Night, the longest running music program in the world,) as well as in the concert hall. During the […]

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